Let's JETT


Jewish Entrepreneurial Think Tank (JETT) is an exclusive new community for aspiring Jewish business professionals in college. JETT members will have the opportunity to work with SJE members on actual for-profit projects. SJE members will provide them with valuable work experience, mentorship, and a network that can act as a starting point, leading to future internships and jobs.


Key Aspects and Membership Benefits:


Student Think Tank:

Young minds offer fresh perspectives and access to top professors. SJE members will have access to the JETT members to assist them in projects, marketing endeavors, etc. Given JETT’s rigid recruitment criteria, the students will have the knowledge base and ability to successfully perform and complete projects commissioned by the seasoned members. 

Business Incubator:


Incubator Project Mission:

To provide early stagecompanies with the capital, advice, relationships and guidance to facilitatetheir emergence out of the "start-up" stage and into "nextstage", profitable operations. This outline/drafting phase will commenceduring the last week in May with an estimated completion time of June 15th.Team members contributing to this project will be working directly with JeffStone at his office in downtown Miami. 
An initial, core goalof incubator leadership will be to identify and acquire an acceptablecommercial property located within the Design District/Wynnwood area. Onceacquired, the property will be developed and converted into an office spacespecifically designed to nurture and enable those companies in which we chooseto invest.  While resident in our incubator space, companies will enjoythe benefits of the collective knowledge, experiences and resources of ourinvestors. Incubator investors and supporters will strive to create anatmosphere conducive to the entrepreneurial spirit, innovation and commercialsuccess. Incubator leadership will build and maintain an environment withinwhich creative people can flourish, early stage companies will thrive, and avital community of Miami'sfuture business leaders will emerge.  

SJE/JETT Involvement:

While the investmentswe make will not be limited to Jewish owned and operated companies, it will bea major focus of the project to promote and further the ideals of the SJE andJETT programs.  It is our hope, and indeed a priority, that SJE membersparticipate both in the funding of the project, as well as active, ongoinginteraction with incubator residents, by providing life lessons, experience andexpertise accumulated over the many years of their successful business careers.Such interaction and support from Miami’s Jewishbusiness leadership will inure to the downstream benefit of the greater Miami Jewish community,as recipients of significant funding and mentorship will forge an overarchingappreciation of those who have willingly given of their resources andexpertise.  

Current JETT Participants from our Harvard and Princeton Division.


JETT Princeton Division:

William Scheinman, Sophomore and CEO of JETT He is fascinated with the defense industry, and abreast of its developments through his ties with the ROTC community. He is also interested in emerging markets, primarily the Middle East and Russia. He operated as an extra-curricular researcher in corporate developments in the Princeton Corporate Finance Club for over a year in the EMEA division. William is entering the Woodrow Wilson School of International affairs, Princeton’s only selective major, and has studied finance in his free time through programs such as Breaking into Wallstreet. He speaks Hebrew, German and Arabic. William is also an active member of both TFI and Chabad on campus.
David Martin, Sophomore and Managing Partner of Princeton Chapter His interest lies in biotechnology and commodities. David is a pre-med studying Psychology with certificates in Neuroscience and Global Health. He worked as a research-assistant at the Max-Planck Institute for Neuroscience in Frankfut/Main. He also worked as an extra-curricular researcher in corporate developments in the Princeton Corporate Finance Club for over a year in the Latin American division. Outside Princeton, David works as an Assistant-Manager of the German Chamber Orchestra Frankfurt. He is fluent in 7 languages, including Portuguese, Romanian, Hungarian, French, Spanish and German. David is also an active member of both TFI and Chabad on campus. 
Aaron Applbaum, Sophomore and Managing Partner of Princeton Chapter He grew up appreciating tech-startups; his father, Isaac Applbaum, runs a respected Venture Capital firm that operates out of Menlo Park, California (Opus Capital). At a young age, he started working in the Office of Knesset member Gideon Sa’ar as his English specialist drafting letters to foreign dignitaries, press releases for the foreign media, and translating parliamentary speeches and cabinet meetings. As a research assistant to Norm Coleman of Minnesota, he researched and authored a Congressional resolution that garnered bipartisan co-sponsorship. He deferred his acceptance to Princeton University to return to Israel to study in a religious seminary as well as work at the Shalem Center and for the Mayor of Jerusalem, NirBarkat. Aaron has taken classes in 12 different departments thus far, ensuring a wide, associative body of knowledge at his command. Aaron is board member for TFI and is also on Chabad board where he aids with the speaker series. 
Ben Jubas, Sophmore and Managing Partner of Princeton Chapter He has a passion for technology companies. Growing up with a father who acts as a director at McKinsey Consulting Group, he has grown attached to watching companies flourish.  Ben studies philosophy in addition to receiving a certificate in Applied Mathematics. Ben is the president of Yavneh, a Jewish religious group on campus that offers orthodox prayer services, celebrates Jewish holidays, and promotes the Jewish identity. He also is the president of Tigers for Israel (TFI), Princeton’s primary pro-Israel group on campus which hosts lobbying trips to Washington DC, hosts pro-Israeli events, stimulates debates between faculty or between students, and responds to anti-Israel claims on campus.
Samuel Leland Payne, Sophomore and Head of Tech Projects & Tech Research He studies electrical engineering. Having spent most of his life in Detroit, Michigan, Sam has background in automotive electronics from his time working with GM’s Corvette and Cadillac Racing teams. Sam currently studies in Princeton, New Jersey, currently working for Goodrich Inc., developing infrared imaging systems and is involved with on campus research including a computing project called The Photonic Neuron. In his free time, Sam races go-karts and is a part of an improvisational comedy group.

JETT Harvard Division:

Zachary Berger, Freshman and co-CEO of Harvard Division He became interested in finance after participating in the Jerome Fisher Management & Technology Summer Institute program at the University of Pennsylvania during the summer of 2010. M&T’s focus on entrepreneurship and engineering piqued Zachary’s interest in technology as he reviewed case studies of selected companies such as Research in Motion and TiVo and presented a go-to-market plan for a prototype of a temperature-sensing spoon he created with a group of his peers. He is planning on studying economics and applied mathematics at Harvard and is an active member of the Harvard Investment Association Fund, a selective group of students that manages a portfolio and makes investment decisions after reviewing stock pitches and research reports made by the members themselves. Zachary is also an avid sports fan and plays for the Harvard Rugby Football Club.
David Taitz, Freshman and Managing Partner of Harvard Division He studies Economics and Applied Mathematics and is involved with international relations groups on campus that has included travel to South Korea with Harvard College in Asia Program (HCAP), and conferences with International Relations on Campus (IRoC), and Model United Nations. His experience is varied from Pencils of Promise Youth Programming Intern, to Bank of Montreal’s Present Youth Focus Group Organizer. He is an active runner, ski fanatic, proficient in Spanish, conversant in Italian and basic Mandarin
For more information on JETT please contact info@thesje.com.